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Although I’ve been a professional writer for most of my career, it’s been in broadcasting.

But God has called me to something greater. Something called writing novels.

I’m scared and excited and overwhelmed and thrilled … all at the same time.

I’m in the middle of writing my first novel and hope to have the first draft finished by this summer.

You can read about the story to the right.

So stay tuned!

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When Terror Calls – a novel

Years after fleeing the Horn of Africa as a child, journalist Danait ‘Dani’ Berhani is still haunted by her past.

Her nightmare unfolded when she, her mother and sister joined others on an arduous trek to escape their native Eritrea. All were captured by members of the regime and tortured for weeks. Dani had not been able to identify their masked tormentors, but one stood out – a man who mysteriously became fixated upon Dani and her sister, taking pleasure in the pain he inflicted.

Eventually she and her mother were released, but she never saw her sister again.

Fast-forward and Dani now lives in the land of the free and the home of the brave — but she feels neither. Instead she has crippling PTSD, something she won’t talk about with anyone.

That’s about to change.

She and colleague Aaron Becton find themselves thrown together on an unusual assignment.

They are tasked with investigating strange occurrences in Washington, DC.

All evidence points to the Mideast, but the enemy is much closer to home – at least for Dani. Suddenly she finds herself face to face with her childhood boogeyman. If she can’t outsmart him, America could be facing a new 9-11.

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