Crystal Woodall

                           Through the power of story God can                     redeem anything. Even you and Me

That's Exactly What I'd Love to Do for You

All my life, stories have swept me away and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you and I are alike in that. I love the world words can create. Worlds of joy and sorrow and laughter and heartache. But even more I love how words can bring us redemption. And how stories can show us the unquenchable depth of God’s being. You too?  Then let’s go on that journey together. Click READ MORE to get started. 

Do It Afraid

I’d love to tell you I have it all figured out. I’d love to tell you I have even a tiny bit of it  figured out. I don’t. And often I’m downright scared. Of people. Of my dreams. Of life. But I refuse to give into my fear. I choose to take action. I choose to take one more step. And then one more. I do it afraid. Head over to my blog to find out more.  

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